Ultrasonic IPL Beauty Instrument with LCD Display FF0382

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Do you suffer from terrible face skin for a long time, and cannot get rid of it? Now just take it easy!
The Ultrasonic IPL Beauty Instrument with LCD Display, adopting many hi technologies such as ultrasonic, is an all-mighty instrument for home use. It can help to re-establish skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, and promote blood circulation. Using daily, you will be amazed at the great improvement of your face skin.

1. With LCD screen
2. Ultrasonic waves: 3Mhz
3. Positive Ion :ions aid in the removal of toxins and impurities
4. Negative Ion:ions encourage the transport of beneficial nutrients which deliver wonderful, re-energizing results
5. 3 million times of micro-amplitude vibration per second: activate cells for metabolism and inner skin
6. IPL (Photon function).
a. blue light : improves the secretion of sebum and soothes the skin.
b. red light : activates the fibroblasts of skins and promotes blood circulation
c. colored light accelerate absorbing the effective element of oily nurture
7. The overlapping function of tri-colored red and blue with 3 Mega ultrasonic waves makes skin care more remarkable.
8. The design of the ultrasonic wave generator and photon care generator keeps close to face and around eyes, thus it is easy to operate.

Input: 110~240V
Output: DC1.5V, 0.8A
Current: 300mA
Ultrasonic waves: 3MHz
Unit size: 17x4.6x5cm
Unit weight: 180g
Material: ABS + titanium alloy head

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